Anne Sophie Viallon

b 1970 VALENCIENNES ,France. Lives and works in Nice , France.


My first plastic experiments began in 2006 with the suite of paintings/collage: Reminiscence. Human was already at the center of my artwork. I then sought in the production of the painted canvas to emphasize the symbolism of the links between human beings. The family, as a social group with its own rules of operation, was my main source of inspiration.

The paradox was already at the heart of my work. The contradictory aspect of the form and the content concerns me and holds all my attention: I seek the “weaving of the link between visible and invisible, private and public, intimate and political” as Sonia Recasens explains*.

The soft (deliberately uncertain and sometimes naive) form of fine lines (graphite, felt pen, ink), clear and evanescent colors (watercolor) on used fabrics and white papers juxtapose themselves to a deeply violent, grave and interrogative background, To produce a soft ambiguity and an antinomy open on a multitude of possibilities . I draw the elements of my creation from the mythologies of childhood and family, tale and magic thinking but also in the theme of women, their societal role, by tradition, procreative, smuggler and creative of links.

The gesture of sewing and embroidery brings fragility barely concealed. It produces traces of temporal distortion, those of time spent piercing paper or fabric … By this somewhat violent gesture, the paper (or fabric) resists, time elongates, a space opens itself, a artwork is created …
Then, the sewing and the embroidery are no longer ornament or embellishments. They become suture, scar, piercing and also enclosure, that of the woman whose place remains limited and confined to secularly established biological and domestic functions …
*De l’art de tisser des liens/quand les femmes révolutionnent les arts textiles.


  • Education
  • Municipal School of Fine Art  -Nice(France) - drawing- painting- mixed media volume- collage
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2017 
  • Ce qu’il nous reste (what is left) - Curiosity cabinet of Artothèque de Draguignan
  • 2015
  • Embrassez qui vous voudrez (Kiss who you want) – at Valérie Arboireau’s home – Nice France
  • Trait - - - Couture (Line sewing) – artist studio “l’Orange Bleue” – Nice France
  • 2012
  • Mneme - artist studio “l’Orange Bleue” – Nice France 
  • 2009 
  • Art et vin (Art and wine) - Castle of St Martin of Taradeau - France
  • 2008 
  • Réminiscence – Library of St André de la Roche - France
  • Group Exhibitions
  • 2018
  • Caméra Caméra – Festival OVNI Nice - prize of the best room – France Nice
  • Transformation – Bunker K101 - Enter Art foundation – Cologne Germany
  • Arboretum de de Roure – Domus essai 3 – France Roure
  • SALO VI - Erotic Drawing Salon - Paris France
  • Ombre et lumière (shadow and light) –Gallery Moving art ( – Nice France
  • Acclimatation – Villa Thuret – Antibes France – with no made (
  • Couleur et sentiment (colour and feeling) – Gallery Moving -art – Nice France
  • En corps—Comines Warneton - Belgium
  • 2017
  • D’après nature (from nature)– villa the Asphodeles - St Raphael France
  • Dématérialisation – Arboretum of Roure - France
  • 2016
  • Du Noise – St Sulpice le Dunois - France
  • Autour de l’arbre (around the tree) - arboretum of Roure France – with no-made
  • Poursuite (pursuit)- villa Roc Fleuri -Cap d’Ail France - with no-made
  • Fragilité (fragility)- Thém'Art France
  • Si le printemps revenait III (if spring came back III) staps Nice France- with no-made
  • 2015
  • Parcours de l'Art 2015 (contemporary art trail in Avignon) - salle benoît XII – Avignon France
  • Rites de passage (Rites of passage) - with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • Elstir - Gateway to Art - 30th appointment of young visual artists – ST Raphael France
  • Mémoires d’eaux (water memories) - « Flux » - with no made - contemporary art trail in the Paillons territory - Châteauneuf-Villevieille’s chapel France
  • 2014
  • Bazar-bizarre (bizarre bazaar) - Galeries Lafayette St Laurent du Var France
  • Thém’art – Désirs (Desires)- la Garde France
  • Dans les arbres (in the trees) - Arboretum of Roure France – with no-made
  • Made in - with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • L’Eté contemporain de Draguignan (The contemporary summer of Draguignan) France
  • Au fil des vies (over the lives) - « envious » for Galeries Lafayette – St Laurent du Var France
  • 2013
  • Féticheuse ! (fetisher) – Nice France
  • Souviens-toi…(remember) – with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • Abri de soi (self-shelter) - Arboretum of Roure with no-made
  • 2012
  • Out – (Différent) with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • 2011
  • Empreintes (footprints)- with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • Ou pas ? (or not) Si le printemps revenait II (if spring came back II) with no-made - university St jean d'Angely – Nice France
  • Jeunes talents 2011 - « jeux interdits » (forbidden games) Paris France
  • 2010
  • Contre-champ (against field) with no-made –Villa Roc fleuri – Cap d’Ail France
  • 2006
  • Trésors cachés (hidden treasures) – with James Coignard – France Tourrette Levens
  • Residencies
  • Made-in - creation and installation « au fil des vies » with the collective no-made – France Villa du Roc Fleuri de Cap d’Ail
  • Catalogues
  • L’été contemporain 2014 - Draguignan
  • « Si le printemps revenait II » - « Flux » - « Point de vue, Points de vie » « no-made et l’Arboretum » with the collective no-made
  • L’Art du Collage – 2014

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