Artúr van Balen

b 1983 Budapest, Hungary. Lives and works in Berlin.


I am fascinated with the confrontation between our dreams and the sober reality, the tensions between the imagination presented in consumer culture and our demystified experiences.

The range of the work varies from a microscopic small obstacle course for amoebas to large scale inflatable sculptures, used for interventions in public space.


  • Graduation Master of Arts, Study Fine Arts, Berlin University of Arts, Berlin (Meisterschüler of Hito Steyerl; study in the “Freie Klasse” and with Rebecca Horn) Exchange Environmental Art and Ceramic Design, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow Graduation Bachelor of Arts, Study Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
  • Exchange Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Humboldt University Berlin
  • 2017 Monumente des Augenblicks, Museum of Air, Amberg (solo)
  • 2017 Barrikade Ballet, HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein), Dortmund
  • 2016 After the Rally, Studio Gallery, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw
  • 2016 Cross-Cuts, Alternative Art Fair, Copenhagen
  • 2016 Barrikade, IG Metall in cooperation with Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin (solo)
  • 2016 Making Use, Life in post-artistic Times, Museum for Contemporary Art, Warsaw 2015 Hypervital, Design Biennale, Saint Etienne
  • 2014 Disobedient Objects, Victoria and Alberts Museum, London
  • 2013 MediaImpact, ArtPlay, Moscow
  • 2013 Blow Up Media Spectacle, Künstlerhaus Held, Leipzig (solo)
  • 2013 Special Thali of Resistance, Jaaga Artspace, Bangalore
  • 2012 De Etende Mens, Designmuseum Eindhoven, Eindhoven
  • 2011 World without Us, Gallery Kap Pur, Tilburg (solo)
  • 2011 MediaImpact, ArtPlay Gallery, Moscow
  • 2010 Battle of the Spectacle, Organ Kritischer Kunst, Berlin
  • 2017 Tools for Action at the Wiener Festwochen, Vienna
  • 2016 Spiegel-Barrikade, Tools for Action in collaboration with the Theatre Dortmund
  • 2014 Participation at Vagabunden Kongress, Theater Rampe
  • Lectures and Workshops (selection)
  • 2017 Air as Resistance, lecture-perfrmance at conference New Narratives, thinking economics differently, curated by Iris Dressler & Christine Peters, Würtembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
  • 2016 Spiegel-Barrikade, lecture at Observe: Mobilize, Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin
  • 2016 Inflatables for Action - immersive art as a tool for political protest, lecture Re:Publica, Berlin
  • 2015 Blow Up!, Lecture at National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
  • 2015 Lecture at Smolny University, Saint Petersburg
  • 2014 Workshop and lecture, New York University (in collaboration with the Yes Men), New York
  • 2013 Activism: Mobilize, Energize, Polarize, workshop on art-activism and inflatables, Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin
  • 2013 Workshop on art-activsim and inflatables at Delai Sam festival, Moscow
  • 2012 Truth is Concrete, Steirischer Herbst, tactic talk on inflatables, Graz
  • 2015 Fabriqué à Paris, manual and poster
  • 2015 Interview “Die Er ndung der laufende Barrikade” der Publikation: Theater trifft Aktion - Ein Update zum Verhältnis von darstellender Kunst und Aktivismus, Heinrich Böll Stiftung
  • 2015 In atable Props, Beautiful Trouble
  • 2014 Disobedient Objects, Victoria & Alberts Museum Publishing, ISBN 978 185 1777976
  • 2014 Truth is Concrete, A handbook for artistic tactics in real politics, Steirischer Herbst, Sternberg Press ISBN: 978-3-943365-84-9
  • 2014 In atables for protest: An interview with Artúr van Balen/ Tools for Action; blog of Victoria and Alberts Museum 2012 The El Martillo Project, Eclectic Electric Collective, Minor Compositions, ISBN 978-1-57027-250-9
  • 2012 The Story of the Hungarian Orange, Dossier Ungarn, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • 2012 “You can not give instructions to an in atable”, Interview for “Truth is Concrete” festival of Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria.
Press / TV (selection)
  • 2016 ARTE, coverage of Spiegel-Barrikade in Arte Tracks, 21.10.2016 Deutschland Radio Kultur: coverage about the mirror barricade
  • Grants
  • 2016 Mondriaan Fonds
  • 2016 Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • 2015 LUSH Nächstenliebe
  • 2015 Global Green Grant, USA
  • 2015 Goethe Institute Moscow
  • 2013 Goethe Institute Moscow
  • 2013 Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Bangalore
  • 2013 Flausen Young Artists in Residence, Oldenburg
  • 2011 Chair of the Commission for artistic and scientific projects (KKWV), Berlin University of Arts

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