Chandra Fanti

b 1982 Terni, Italy. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


“Know yourself” ( Γνώθι σεαυτόν, Gnothi seauton ) was the phrase written on the pediment of the temple of Delphi in ancient Greece. The horse is a hypersensitive armor, a sort of Trojan horse, which I use as a gateway to enter into my feelings and my memories. The characters and places that appear, are parts of my childhood. When I create my rooms I don’t seek a logical order and I don’t intend to tell something directly about me. I don’t want my work to be autobiographical, however I want to employ my feelings to go beyond myself.



  • Graduated in the Academy of Art in Rome in 2009
  • "16 Contemporary Artists", Enter Art Foundation, Bonn, July 2018
  • Enter Art Foundation at "Lost Artfestival", Willner Brauerei,  Berlin, December 2017
  • “Spleen” , Galerie Supernova, Berlin, October 2017
  • “Wunderkammer” , Galerie Supernova, Berlin, April 2017
  • "NordArt" Prize, June-October 2016 "SternenloseNacht" Solo Exhibition, Marzia Frozen Gallery,Berlin, April 2016
  • "What a wonderful life" Group exhibition, Artdocks Gallery, Bremen, December 2015
  • "Aether", Group Exhibition, "Galerie im Park" Museum, March 22th -May 21th, Bremen, 2014
  • "Grand Opening", Group Exhibition, Artdocks Gallery, Bremen, December 2014
  • Finalist “ Basilio Cascella 2014 “ Prize; Group exhibition , Delizia Estenze del Verginese, Ferrara, 1 May / 16 June , 2014
  • “ADRENALINA-Premio Arte Contemporanea”, Group Exhibition, Macro Museum - la Pelanda, Rom, November 2012
  • “THE NEW TALENTS” , Group Exhibition, “Marchina Arte Contemporanea” Gallery , Brescia, April 2012
  • “EUROPEAN CREATIV CITY- CREATIV STADT WEIßENSEE”, Group Exhibition, Berlin, November 2011
  • “EUROPEAN CREATIV CITY- CREATIV STADT WEIßENSEE”, Group Exhibition, Berlin, November 2010
  • “MARCHINA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA GALLERY”, Group Exhibition, Brescia, June 2010
  • “CROMIE DI MARE CROMIE D'AMARE”, Solo Exhibition, “CORPO VIVO” cultural association, Ostia Lido Rom, April 2010
  • “G.R.A: Giovani Artisti Romani”, Group Exhibition “ PIETRO CANONICA MUSEUM”, Rom (Villa Borghese), Febbraio 2010
  • “ADRENALINA 1.1: L'Arte Emerge in Nuove Direzioni” Group Exhibition, SPAZIO OTTAGONI Gallery, Rom, December 2009
  • “SEGNI, PROGETTI E OSSERVAZIONI”, Group Exhibition, “Centro Per l'Incisione e la Grafica d'Arte”, Formello, May 2009
  • “PARC 08”, Group Exibition , “Walking Art Gallery”, Rom, May 2009

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