Christiane Bruhns

Kiel, Germany. Lives and works in Leipzig and Hamburg.


At the first glance, it is certain that work is being done here with meticulous precision, a scientist, an alchemist is operating here. The studio is tidy, from the floor to the high ceiling all walls are covered with works in the different states of their genesis. The artist is restless, I am taking up her precious time, the things she has to do does not permit delays, she appears to me like an alert, clear person driven by her creation. Is Bruhns a paintress at all, her works settle somewhere between painting
– sculptural coloured figures – coloured drawings. Bruhns’ monochrome shape is equally painting as it is the refusal of painting, it is a way of painting that hardly allows any of the many possibilities of painting. It is a sculptural experiment on the stage of painting.


  • studied in classes of Professor Robert van de Laar / Sabine Wewer / Jan Köchermann || Master of fine arts in 2008, HKS Ottersberg || Bachelor of arts public management, Kiel grants/projects
  • 2018/19 printing edition, 15. vogtländischer art calender 2019
  • 2014 3rd print-symposium at the workshop EDITION CARPE PLUMBUM, Leipzig
  • 2016/17 withinthenextday, artist blog & exhibition, A. Seibt/C. Falkner/C.Bruhns | M. Roglic (Canada) & C. Bruhns (GER) | EAF, Berlin | arrived, Tapetenwerk Leipzig | peace, Spinnerei Leipzig
  • 2014/15 position, Fabrik der Künste Hamburg | Ehgartner Bruhns Bergmeier, Schauraum Hamburg| Producers Art Fair (P/ART), Phönixhallen HH-Harburg | zu viert, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig | Altonaer Museum, Hamburg | der letzte wird der erste sein, auction, Tapetenwerk Leipzig before dicht halten, Linda e.V./Hamburg | Betriebsausflug/Leipzig | SKAM e.V./Hamburg | Westwerk/Leipzig | Fürth | Magdeburg | heckenspringen; soon ripe, soon rotten, Frappant e.V./Hamburg | Galerie Herold, Bremen | Kunstverein Fischerhude

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