Demian Bichsel

b 1983 Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works in Berlin.


For Demian Bichsel photography is, above all, a tool for documenting and reorganising structures and perspectives in order to find new parameters of visuality. Thus he seeks to expand the mind and amplify the experience of both reality and memory.

By painstakingly mounting urban or natural motifs into irregular, vibrating, filmic, multi-layered photo collages, he gives new life to atmospheric yet often times mundane subjects, whose unique energy have caught his attention.

“When I am fascinated by observing an object or a specific place for a long time, I keep returning; I become more and more familiar with all its details. Through this process I slowly enter a feeling of complete understanding of what I am looking at. As part of this process, I start to take photographs of all those details and basically take the object apart. The act of recomposing the details back into a single picture completes my examination of the experience and spatial interaction.”


  • 2016 - Basel City Studios, „the presence is a present“, Basel, Switzerland
  • 2015 - Jungkunst, „Collective Show“, Winterthur, Switzerland
  • 2015 - International Art Expo, „Why Self“, Venice, Italy
  • 2015 - Brody Art House, „Time&Reality III“, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015 - Palazzo Radetzki, „Hybrid Effects“, Milano, Italy
  • 2014 - Venice Contemporary, „It’s Liquid“, Venice, Italy
  • 2014 - „Time&Reality“, Basel, Switzerland
  • 2013 - Weltraum 26 „belgrademunich“, Munich, Germany

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