Fernando Davis

b 1986 São Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.


I see painting, art, as the best way to express myself, my vision and feelings about something. It’s an unique language and I want to develop more and more my style. It’s through my work, that I feel alive, in control of my own existence.
My paintings have an expressive line. It is between the figurative and abstract. I find the conflict between the two styles visually quite rich. While the figurative tries to elude the viewer, the abstract is there to break it.
I’m interested in painting motives that have a rich historical or personal past, with a strong meaning. I like to explore varieties of paint, objects, plaster, charcoal, and sometimes use discarded materials such as wires, branches and old book pages.
My last series is from Leipzig. I painted the the famous art complex (Spinneirei) also the oldest building of the Deutsche Bank (Schuld), The Monument of the Battle of the Nations (B.O.T.N – 1813) and the historical church St.Nikolai, where the famous ‘Demonstrations of Monday’ started (Wir sind das Volk!).


  • Bachelor in Fine Arts by Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP - Sao Paulo - 2007-2010
  • Graphic Design at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing - ESPM - Sao Paulo - 2002-2006
  • COLUMNIST OF INFOARTSP’S SITE - www.infoartsp.com.br - Coluna Fernando Davis
  • Espaço Arte’r Apresenta - Fernando Davis - 2014 Casa Verdi Apresenta Fernando Davis - 2011
  • Jungle Gym of Mind - Spinnerei - Leipzig - 2016
  • Störung: Into the Hole Hole Hole - Salon Similde- Leipzig - 2016
  • Glimpse - Spinnerei - Leipzig - 2016
  • Lets dance - São Paulo - 2015
  • Arrebaldes/ Arredores/ Cercanias Edifício Lutécia - 2010
  • Casa Vazia - Exposição Coletiva - 2009
Artist residency
  • Pilotenkueche -Leipzig -2016

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