Iris Schieferstein

b 1966 Lich, Deutschland.


Iris Schieferstein works to transform. Through the labor-intensive and messy process of taxidermy, Schieferstein combines parts of dead and discarded animals to create magnificent hybrids that force the spectator to approach or to back away. Whether the outcome is sculpture, fashion, or household décor, in every animal object there lurks visual and tactile ambiguity: the desire to look closely, a peculiar hunger to touch, is accompanied by (delightful) horror.
The process of collecting, arranging, and assembling fragments into allegorical objects is a labor of eco-glam – a term that points to the artist’s involvement in the field of ecology as well as of glamour, and (furthermore) her intervention and consideration of glamour in relation to environment. As such, the artist’s use and misuse of taxidermic materials incite the spectator’s plethora of readings which are haunted by the possibility of their own excess. In this sense, as Rachel Poliquin in her book on taxidermy notes, Schieferstein’s works “provoke viewers to flesh out the work’s profundity for themselves.
There is no one meaning. From disgust, to melancholia, to a more philosophical analysis of the horrors and beauty of life, each viewer will find his or her meaning, if he or she is willing to look long enough. After all, the creatures have been recombined precisely to engage an empathetic response in viewers. Perhaps mythic in significance, perhaps ethically reprehensible, such animal art can leave no viewer unchallenged. They purposely make us uncomfortable. They exude a sense of uneasiness, a queasiness, a sense of wrongness, of rightness. They become brutal allegories of the endless human quest to achieve resonance and place within the natural world and the destruction humans will cause to find meaning.“ (Rachel Poliquin, The Breathless Zoo: Taxidermy and the Cultures of Longing, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2012)


2016 The Death of Beauty, The Ballery, Berlin
  • 2011 The Polish Soul, September 2011, Abnormals Gallery & Abnormals Foundation, Berlin (Germany)
20011 MILK & LEAD,
  • 03.02.2011 – 31.04.2011, Shoreditch E2 7Hx 1 A Turville, London, UK
2010 New Work, Abnormal Gallery Poznan, Poland
  • 2010 Bone of Contention, Tief im Blut Kontor , Berlin
  • 2006 About Woman, Galeria Metropolitana,
  • 09.06.2006 - 28.07.2006, Barcelona (E)
2005 Galerie Rafael Vostell, “She imagined”. Berlin (Germany)
  • Galerie Bis Heute, “Underfucked and Oversexed”. Bern (Switzerland)
2004 Kulturfabrik, "All about Berlin I - 5 Berlin Galleries exhibit Sculptures”. München (Germany)
  • 2003 Aktionsgalerie, “Like Human Being”. Berlin (Germany)
2001 Aktionsgalerie (DNA), “Live can be so nice”. Berlin (Germany)
1997 Galerie Sinomat, “Moderner Wolpertinger”. Berlin (Germany)
Offenes Atelier, environment. Berlin (Germany)
  • 1996 Galerie Atelier 27, environment, Wien (Austria)
  • 1994 Berlin Verlag, objects. Berlin (Germany)
Galerie Manege, environment. Berlin (Germany)
Aktionsgalerie, environment. Berlin (Germany)
  • 1993 Auferstehungskirche, environment. Berlin (Germany)
Group Exhibitions
  • 2016 Haute-à-PorterModemuseum Hasselt, Belgien
2015 Fleischeslust, Villa Roth, Germany
2015 Utopian Bodies, Liljevalchs Kunsthalle Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2015 SHOEting Stars, Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt , Austria
  • 2015 Killer Heels, Palm Springs Art Museum, USA
2015 Albuquerque Museums, New Mexico, USA
  • 2015 Beauty of the beast, Museum Arnhem, Netherland
  • 2015 Killer Heels, Palm Springs Art Museum, USA
2015 Albuquerque Museums, New Mexico, USA
2015 Beauty of the beast, Museum Arnhem, Netherland
2014 Killer Heels, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA
2014 Art shoes, Düsseldorf, Germany, Galerie Petra Nostheide-Eycke
2014 Arche, Franzenfeste, Italy
  • 2014 Species , Kunstverein Gera, Germany
2014 Die Geschichte unter den Füssen, Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel, Swiss
2014 Shoeting stars, Kunshaus Wien, Vienna ,Austria
2013 Auf Schritt und Tritt, Villa Roth, Burgrieden (Germany)
2013 Subversive Design, Brighton-hove-museum, Brighton ,UK
  • 2013 MoBa Fetishism in Fashion, Arnhem, Holland
  • 2013 La coeur a ses raisons, Iris Schieferstein and Robi Gottlieb Galerie goldener Engel, Luxenbourg
  • 2013 Starker Auftritt Grassi Museum ,Leipzig
2013 To die for Iris Schieferstein and H.P. Adamski, Galerie Epicentro Berlin
2012 Aus Liebe zum Tier Iris Schieferstein und Bertolt W. Barasch (Berlin) zeigen Objekte und Installationen.
  • 14. Oktober – 4. November 2012, Galerie Alte Brennerei | Kunstverein Ebersberg e.V., Ebersberg (Germany)
2012 Teilnahme an der Ausstellung »Zu viel Panzer, zu wenig Hirn« im Rahmen des Augsburger Hohen Friedensfestes, Augsut 2012, Augsburg (Germany)
  • 2011 Guerrilla Zoo presents MODERN PANIC, 04.06.2011-12.06.2011 London, UK
2011 Another Marriage? Between the Narrative and the Abstract. Private View, app-platform for contemporary arts and experiments, Berlin
  • 2010 „Kickoff“ Frosch&Portman Gallery, New York,USA
  • 2010 Oil Spill ,Pierre Menard Gallery, Boston, USA
  • 2010 Milk&Lead Gallery , London „La Divina Commadia“
2010 Shades down in Tokyo, Calm&Punk Gallery Tokyo, Japain
2010 Abnormal Nudes , Abnormal Gallery in Poznan,Poland
  • 2010 Lingering Whispers, St.Pancrass Church London, 6/5/2010-6

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