Johannes Vetter

b 1979 Munich, Germany. Lives and works in Ornbau and Aschaffenburg, Germany.


The focus of Johannes Vetters works lays on the analysis of Image and Figure particularly with regard to the technique of Photography and its capacity of capturing a moment of life. Concerning the fact that todays process of preserving our memory is mainly focused on photography, Vetter counters this phenomenon with his realistic yet mysterious paintings which concentrate on one secular action or moment.
The painting series of the washing hands almost seem to be film stills, when he captured or reproduced the moment of himself washing his hands in the bathrooms of important Museums of our time. The observer becomes a witness of an intimate action, seemingly ordinary and almost simple. And still the action is embedded in a setting of time and space where one could not figure out where it started and how i is going to end.
Johannes Vetters works won’t tell you a story but invite you to contemplate in a frozen moment or a loop of action which seems to be repeated on and on. In his work Vetter carves out the question of ambivalence between surfaces and profoundness, which he examines through content and its pictorial language.
His paintings range between those two poles and he manages to guide the observer to a special world which is anonymous and carried away between art-historical references and symbolism which set the profane subjet in another context.


  • from 2003 studies of painting/graphics at Kunstakademie Karlsruhe
  • 2003-2004 class Prof. Franz Ackermann
  • 2004 at Prof. Helmut Dorner
  • from 2005 at Prof. Marijke van Warmerdam
  • 2006 Leon Tarasewicz / Warschau (Erasmus-exchange program)
  • 2008 Diploma
  • 2009 masterclass at Marijke van Warmerdam
  • since Oktober 2009 free studio work
  • Aug 2010 - Jan 2011 residency (LFD-Projects) in London /UK
  • 2012-2013 studio work in Berlin
  • currently working in Ornbau and Aschaffenburg
  • 2009 „Jedermanns Sache“ Deutsch-Amerikanisches-Institut Heidelberg
  • 2010 „der Besuch“ Kunsthaus R3 Ansbach
  • 2011 „nichts bleibt“ Galerie Frank Schlag Cie. / Essen
  • 2011 „alles scheint so wie es ist“ Podium Kunst Schramberg
  • 2011 „Niemandsland“ Kunstforum Fränkisches Seenland Gunzenhausen
  • 2011 Debütantenausstellung / Landesstipendium Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe
  • 2012 „Nullpunkt“ VKU Würzburg
  • 2013 „Idyll“ Galerie Frank Schlag / Essen
  • 2014 „Wes Geistes Kind“ Städtische Galerie / Engen
Group exhibition:
  • 2008 Regionale 9 / Kunstverein Freiburg
  • 2009 „by heart“ Ausstellung des Ministeriums für Arbeit u Soziales Baden-Württemberg
  • 2009 Hangart 14, „Mal was Deutsches“, RED BULL - Hangar 7, Salzburg /A
  • 2009 „SÜDWEST“- Ausstellung, Galerie Alfred Knecht / Karlsruhe
  • 2010 „Artinau“ Kunstprojekt im öffentlichen Raum, München
  • 2010 „Cocktail“ – Gruppenausstellung in der Galerie Frank Schlag / Essen
  • 2011 "uncoded Systems", Red-Gate-Gallery London
  • 2011"stressing spiritual needs even when selling ice cream", DNA-Galerie Berlin
  • 2012 Studio Show - Clerkenwell Road 63 , London
  • 2013 „von Kopf bis Fuß“ Sammlung Würth / Schwäbisch Hall
  • 2013 „Nudes“ Galerie RT&W Berlin
  • 2013 „Ahnen“ Leo Luis –Projektraum / Karlsruhe
  • 2014 "Das Obere des Körpers" die Büste in der Kunst des 21.Jahrhunderts, Galerie Frank Schlag
  • 2014 "the imprint of the space someone used" von Andreas Blank bei Galerie Christan Ehrentraut / Berlin
  • 2015 "Schlaraffenland" HILPERTRAUM Berlin/Neukölln
  • 2016 „Portrait“ Galerie Frank Schlag / Essen
  • 2016 Luminale Frankfurt/M. Kunstverein Montez
  • 2016 „Neue Arbeiten im Fokus“ GAK – Kunsthalle Jesuitenkirche
  • 2016 „Brush it up“ Bernheimer Contemporary Berlin
  • 2016 „When did we stop playing?“ Anna Laudel Gallery Istanbul
  • in co. with Bernheimer Contemporary

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