Lin Fei Fei

b 1988 DaLian, China. Lives and works in Sacramento, California.


  • Lin Fei Fei is a professional artist from Shenyang, China. After completing her Master’s degree in neo-expressionism oil painting from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, she moved to Sacramento, California where she now lives and works. Fei has experience working and painting in over a dozen countries and has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Her art has been collected internationally by art galleries, museums, enthusiasts and collectors. In 2016, she was chosen as one of the ten “Contemporary Chinese Artists of the Future” by the Wang Shi Kuo Art Foundation in Beijing, China. The themes of Fei’s art revolve around freedom and the mixture between emotions and the real world. Many of her pieces combine abstract techniques and realism to explore the energy of life and the varying atmospheres that people live in.

  • Recently, much of Fei’s work has centered around the female body and her inner spirit. Her specific brand of art ranges from hidden sexuality to dark humor. All the while her pieces have a consistent connection with the spirituality and emotions of humanity. The use of true colors such as black, grey, white, and red have given her recent pieces a rough and almost violent feel that accurately brings out the emotion she is searching for in her work.
    She is trying to adress social struggles of oppressed people.
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  • Education
  • 2014 MFA in Oil Painting - Luxun Academy of Fine Arts - Shenyang - CN
  • 2013 Study Abroad Master’s Program and Awarded Screen Printing Scholarship - Kunsthogskolen I Oslo, Oslo National Art Academy - Oslo - NO
  • 2010 BA in Oil Painting - Luxun Academy of Fine Arts - Shenyang - CN
  • Exhibitions
  • 2018 42 Contemporary Artists by Enter Art Foundation - Gerichtshofe - Berlin - DE
  • 2018 Wide Open Walls - 916 Mural Festival - Sacramento - USA
  • 2018 The 40th Annual Art Action - Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento - USA
  • 2017 Put It Above the Table - GOGO GROUP - Nanjing - CN
  • 2017 The Second Annual East Meets West International Art Exhibition - Jolie Gallery - Shenyang - CN
  • 2017 Art Street - 24 Solar Terms Paper-Cut Project, Collected by Wang Shikuo Art Foundation - Beijing - CN and Sacramento - USA
  • 2016 East Meets West - Jolie Gallery Shenyang - CN
  • 2016 MIX Lin Fei Fei - White Buffalo Gallery Sacramento - USA
  • 2016 Wang Shikuo Award Exhibition for Nominated Chinese Contemporary Young Artists -  Today Art Museum - Beijing - CN
  • 2011 Exhibition of Northeastern Young Artists - Blue Roof Art Gallery - Chengdu - CN
  • 2011 A Thousand Mile Journey - Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts - Tianjin - CN
  • Residencies
  • 2012 Blue Roof Art Museum - Chengdu - CN
  • 2013 Oslo National Academy of the Arts - Oslo - NO
  • 2014 Laforet Summer Vacation - Milan - IT

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