Mazen Khaddaj

b 1985 Aley, Lebanon. Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


Inspiration comes to me from human and social interactions; from long nights and long days; from deep sorrow and ultimate joy! I live my life like the wild waves of the sea, yet I end up in my studio just like a ship returning to the shore after a long journey. I sometimes feel like an instrument used by a bigger “force” that disconnects me as a person from what I create. Seeing my works is a quest to understand my true self, and I am indeed a curious soul.

My paintings are a play between shapes, color, texture, transparency and flatness. I paint true moments and real thoughts only visible through human figures. My figures are abstracted, distributed, overlapping and secluded. I am always there in my paintings, as are my connections and relations to everyday life.

Video performances and installations are an extension for my works on canvas. From still paintings to moving videos, my ideas flow, breaking the quality of motionlessness and silence. I perform as if it were the last chance for me to exist.


  • Education
  • 2004 – 2008 - American University of Science and Technology - BA in Graphic Design - Beirut, Lebanon
  • Group Exhibition
  • 2017 - KUDUS, Grand Cevahir - Istambul, Turkey 2016 - Summer collective, Artspace Hamra - Beirut, Lebanon 2015 - Hot House, Pilotenkuche, Spinnerei - Leipzig, Germany 2013 - Compilation2013, Art Circle - Beirut, Lebanon
  • Solo Exhibitions
  • 2017 - I am a Foreigner, GAPGAP - Leipzig, Germany 2016 - Emotion in Motion, Artspace Hamra - Beirut, Lebanon 2015 - The Middle State, 392Rmeil393 - Beirut, Lebanon 2015 - The Middle State 2, The University Of Balamand - Balamand, Lebanon 2013 - Bonds, Art Circle - Beirut, Lebanon
  • Other 
  • 2015 - Pilotenkuche International Art Residency - Leipzig, Germany

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