Taher Jaoui

b 1978 Tunisia. Lives and works in Paris and Berlin.


I translate my impulse of the moment into an action with a material. I work on establishing a subconscious dialogue between the composition and my present feeling of the moment. I add elements (colors, shapes or pieces of paper) to the support only when I feel emotionally connected in the

My technique is based on constructing a composition (with painting and in collage) by layers.
My inspiration is motivated by abstract expressionism, Berliner street art and African masks.

I’ve spent years painting my walls in my flat while I was in acting classes in Paris and Los Angeles. I was using painting like a tool to unlock my emotions before playing the scene.

After receiving positive feedback regarding my work, I decided to commit to painting and collage fully. During the past three years, I have already exhibited my collages and paintings in the US, Europe, Asia (Japan) and in Africa (Tunisia and Morocco).


  • Taher is a self-taught ar tist. Through his ar t, Taher unlocks his subconscious mind. He works from instinctive feelings, memory and imagination. He draws, paints and uses found photographs, and images from books in his ar twork. In 2015, Taher par ticipated in many different group and solo exhibitions showing his collages and paintings in several galleries in Europe, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Tunis and Tangier. He is currently preparing for a number of important solo shows in 2016.
  • Exhibition:
    • > Masques Simulacres, Solo exhibition, Musk & Amber Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia. September 2016
    • > Métamorphoses Collage Solo Show, Gallerie les Insolites, Tangier, Morocco, November 2015
    • > Simulacrum Collage Solo collages exhibition, Atelier MilanaSmokvine, Rijeka, Croatia, February 2015
    • > Cause & Effect, BetaHaus Berlin, Germany, December 2013 - February 2014
    Selected Group Exhbitions
    • > Marveloues, Group Collage exhibition, Sebatopol Center of Arts, California, USA. January 2017
    • > Group Collage exhibition, Ludwig Gallery, Berlin, Germany. August 2016
    • > Group Collage exhibition, Dada 100 years after, Agora Gallery, Berlin, Germany. June 2016
    • > Affordable Art Fair Milan (paintings), Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain. March 2016
    • > Let my be your Hero, Ghaya Gallery, Tunis, Tunisia, January 2016
    • > GlueHeads #3, Hochpar terre Gallery, Berlin, Germany, December 2015
    • > Minimal Collagen, Alternativ Gallery, Berlin, Germany, November 2015
    • > 30 days arround the world, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin, Germany, August 2015
    • > 48 Stunden Neukoelln, Studio 74, Berlin, Germany, June 2015
    • > Can’t judge a book by its cover, Maison de l’image, Tunis, Tunisia, May 2015

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