Tomas Espinosa

b 1985 Bogotá, Colombia. Lives and works in Berlin and Bogotá.


The work of Berlin-based Tomas Espinosa, consists of investigating the field of
sculpture and time-making process across performative situations, taking places in and
out of public spaces where the artist explores the stories of their location and the
circumstances of possible encounters.
In Espinosa´s works, we are led to believe that one understands everything at first glance, as if we truly understand what we see. But we see from a distance and we realize that we have not seen it all. The works reveal themselves deeper once we get
close to them.
We feel eager to establish contact, to begin a sort of intimate and personal
relationship. Now the work seeks attention: “I understand my work as a reflection
about encounters, situations, and time. Time that we need to touch, time to speak and
time to share”.


  • 2016 Meisterschüler bei Prof. Manfred Pernice at the Berlin University of Arts
  • 2010 - 2015 Fine Arts. Berlin University of Arts
  • 2011 - 2014 Institut für Raumexperimente bei Prof. Olafur Eliasson. Berlin
  • 2012 Exchange with the Ale School of fine Arts and Design. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia
  • 2009 - 2010 Neue Schule für Fotografie. Berlin
  • 2003 - 2007 B.A Visual Arts. Pontificia Javeriana University. Bogotá. Colombia
Solo Exhibitions:
  • 2017 Relaciones de Barrio . Studio 74 . Bogotá.Colombia
  • 2014 Zwischen Uns. Entretempo Gallery. Berlin
  • 2013 Nachbarschaftsbeziehungen. Grey Sheep Gallery. Curated by Olafur Eliasson and Caroline Eggel. Berlin
Group Exhibitions (selection):
  • 2016 Clouded Lands, Food of wars, IPP World Congress. Berlin
  • 2016 Obsz-öni-täten, Meisterschüler Ausstellung Universität der Künste Berlin (Udk)
  • 2015 Startpoint Prize, National Gallery. Prague
  • 2015 Schwülitäten, Absolventausstellung Universität der Künste Berlin (Udk)
  • 2015 Friends, Galeria Compacta. Bogota
  • 2015 Berlin Food Art Week, Entretempo Gallery. Berlin
  • 2014 Festival of the Future Nows, Neu Nationalgalerie. Berlin
  • 2014 Stravaganza, Project space Festival. Berlin
  • 2014 Model Behaviors, Curated by Judith Lavagna, Instituto Cervantes. Berlin
  • 2014 Walk in Progress, Vitamine space. Guangzhou. China
  • 2013 Accidental Accomplishment , Institut für Raumexperimente. Berlin
  • 2013 Spaces of intimacy, Triennial of Architecture. MUDE. Museum of Fashion and Design. Lisboa
  • 2013 100° Grad Berlin, HAU. Berlin
  • 2012 Großes Feld, Institut für Raumexperimente, Jan Meda, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia
  • 2012 Addis Foto Fest ,Addis Ababa. Ethiopia
  • 2012 Weltausstellung, Institut für Raumexperimente Tempelhof Airport. Berlin
  • 2012 Glasauge Bunker, Olafur Eliasson Berlin
  • 2011 Your body of work ,Institut für Raumexperimente. Goethe Institut. Sao Paulo

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