Wyatt Mills

Los Angeles. Lives and works in Berlin.


The process of destruction and recreation is a driving component of Mills’ work. Reckless chaos swimming in harmony amongst static and patient application leaves the viewer wondering what came first. It is no secret that Mills’ finds a tumultuous fascination in the immediate removing, covering, and applying of mediums. However, these robust movement’s are paralleled by slower, more meditative swaths of color and meticulous detail. The thought and the afterthought are communicating with each other through a world of dislocated formalism. This ritual of directionless, yet precarious commotion is a kin to alchemy. Each ingredient of the chromatic spectrum of colors are mixed into their full force and incoherence. Fleeting depictions of archetypal imagery from day-to-day life are scattered into the works like broken memories stitching themselves together to survive. These process based paintings dismantle secure knowledge and celebrate instinct. Mills speaks to the abundance of opportunity that lies within the wreckage of an image, and his creation thrives in the center of the dualistic battle of progressive creation. 


  • BFA Honors in Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
  • 2016 – Normal – Project Gallery – Downtown Los Angeles, CA

  • 2014 – Phantasmagoria, ESSNTL Gallery @Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Void, Prohibition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2012 – My Brain Broke, Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2010 – Untitled, Con Artist Gallery, Manhattan, NY
  Group exhibitions 2016 – Works by Mills, Ross, Woodbridge, & the Images of Others, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
2016 – About Face, Rebecca Molayem Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 – Artesatanicos – Superchief Gallery LA – Los Angeles, CA
2014 – The Painted Dot, L5 Gallery @ the Brewery, CA
2014 – 21, Prohibition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013 – Brewery Art Walk, Downtown LA, CA
2013 – Miami Project, Visual Arts Gallery, MIA, FL
2013 – The Future That Never Was. Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Execute With Extreme Prejudice, A Rare Form of Popup, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Mirare, Coachmaker Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2013 – Sampler, Visual Arts Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2013 – Some Kind of Sin, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY
2012 – Hitmen and Harlots, Eight of Swords Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 – Inside Out, Dino Eli Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2012 – Untitled, Work in Progress Gallery (WIP), Manhattan, NY
2012 – Stereoscope, Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ
2011 – Untitled, Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 – Untitled, The Loom Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 – Friday 13th Special, Con Artist Gallery, Manhattan, NY   Bibliography
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