Sylvia Rybak, Alejandra Vargas Diaz, Sten Gutglück, Martin Audioun


On the occasion of the Berlin Art Week 2018, Enter Art Foundation presents it’s tenth exhibition, “42 Contemporary Artists”.  After exhibitions in Stockholm, Sweden and Bonn, we are excited to exhibit again in our hometown Berlin. 

This exhibition consists of 42 emerging and mid-career artists, ranging in age between 21 and 72. These artists have been selected from exhibitions, art schools, and studio visits in Berlin and cities in Germany and abroad,  including master students of the Düsseldorf Art Academy, the UdK Berlin, HGB Leipzig and the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm


Eva Schmidt, Jonas Bouleau, David Mildner


We will also be exhibiting over 90 works from the growing Enter Art Collection, including names like Christian Awe, Martin Denker, Roman Lipski, Joseph Marr, Cecile Wesolowski and Tina Winkhaus.

In total over 250 artworks will be on display.

The event will take place in the historical Gerichtshöfe building in Wedding, Berlin. This early twentieth century factory building is now home to over 70 artist’s studios and has a long history of supporting the arts. 

The Berlin-based housing association GESOBAU is our partner in this event, kindly providing the space for the exhibition.


Bobo Wallmansson, Nadja Winkelmann, Francesca Genovese


Amongst artists originating from Peru, Mexico, the United States, China, and Germany, we are featuring five emerging artists from Sweden. We met these artists earlier this year while scouting for our April Stockholm Art Week exhibition.

They participated in the Stockholm event and were invited to show with us again in Berlin. Our idea is to give artists the important chance to show outside of the city they live in and introduce them to viewers in Berlin. Their artwork ranges from photography and video, to realistic and abstract painting. 


Rory Midhani, Rydh / Sörenson, Anamaria Avram


These interesting Swedish artists, paired with many others from Berlin and beyond, alongside our growing collection, are sure to make another exciting and diverse Berlin exhibition.

During the exhibition visitors will have the chance to see a new live performance by the Italian artist Stefano Taiuti, a live painting demonstration by the British artist Rory Midhani, as well as artist’s talks. If you want to get in touch or know more about some of the featured artists, follow our social media pages to be updated about events happening during the exhibition. 



Dylan Cram



c/o Gerichtshöfe
Gerichtstraße 12
13347 Berlin Wedding
S + U Wedding | Humoldthain


15.09 | 15:00 | Vernissage
22.09 | 15:00 | Matinée with Artist Talks by Curator Dr. Suzanne Royal
28.09 | 19:00 | ‘Vanity of Vanity’, performance by Stefano Taiuti
29.09 | 15:00 | Live Painting demo by Rory Midhani
30.09 | 15:00 | Finissage

Exhibition open from 15.09 to 30.09.2018
Thu-Sun 12:00 – 20:00




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Lin Fei Fei, Michela Picchi, Jan Kuck



Francesca Genovese
Michela Picchi
Rory Midhani
Jan Kuck
Djuneid Dulloo 
Fabian Mannheimer
Ralph Kerle
Tarik Chebli
Randi Matushevitz
Lin Fei Fei
Nadja Winkelmann
Martin Audioun
Simon Blume
Droussiotis & Pittakos (Spyros Droussiotis and Hermes Pittakos)
Helena Kauppila
Sylvia Rybak
Marianne Stoll
Sylvie Xing Chen
Magda Bondos
Dylan Cram
Bobo Wallmansson 
Carlotta Guerra
Dina Isæus-Berlin
Jonas Bouleau
David Mildner
Robert Wilhite
Klaus Chmillon 
Rydh / Sörenson (Anna Sörenson and Daniel Rydh)
Alejandra Vargas Diaz
Mazen M. Khaddaj
Eva Schmidt
Anamaria Avram
Sten Gutglück
Tyrone Richards
Inessa Emmer
Jenny Keuter
Jakob Roepke
Alex Habisreutinger
Andrea Wallgren
Stefano Taiuti

+ EAF Collection